Afraid to even look at the scale anymore? 

Do you have to dig through the closet to find clothes that actually fit? Are even your “big” clothes too tight? Do you find excuses to avoid social events because you have nothing to wear?

Were you shocked when you saw your latest family photos? (Do I really look like that?) Are you easily out of breath? Do your knees and back hurt from carrying around the extra weight? Are you embarrassed by your rolls of fat, and do you try to hide them under baggier clothes? Are you worried about diabetes, blood pressure, heart problems?

Do you come home at the end of the day exhausted and without the energy to enjoy your family and friends? Do you suffer from uncontrollable cravings which leave you feeling guilty about your lack of willpower?

Losing weight has been a struggle for me.
I can lose weight but it all comes back.
I decided to see Robert Saviola and I’m happy to say that I’ve lost 48 pounds.
It was easy, no struggle. The weight started coming off right after my first session.
If you want to lose weight I highly recommend Robert.
It definitely worked for me.

Lee Ruth

Diets don’t work.
Every Monday you start a new diet. You’ve tried every one that came out: Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, low fat, low carb, diet shakes… They all end the same: maybe you lose weight at first, but as soon as you go off the diet, you gain back all the weight you lost PLUS MORE! Food-based programs don’t work for lasting weight loss. At Downtown Hypnosis, there is no dieting. No meal plan.

Hypnosis Works.*
Most clients come to Downtown Hypnosis knowing what they should be doing. We’ve had nutritionists, dietitians, personal trainers, doctors, nurses, even surgeons who perform gastric bypass, all as clients. They know what to do. You know what to do. But you need help motivating yourself to do it! That’s why you need hypnosis.

You too can join the THOUSANDS of successful clients who’ve lost weight with hypnosis*. Read just some of our success stories from clients who slimmed down at our office.

Even if you’ve tried hypnosis before…

If you’ve been to a big group hypnosis seminar, you must know that you get what you pay for. Cram that many people in a room together and the majority will be too distracted to be hypnotized, let alone get results. Most group hypnosis seminars focus on back of the room product sales, not hypnosis.

Maybe you did try seeing a hypnotist one-on-one… Most other hypnotists have no idea how many of their clients actually lose weight, because they only see them over a very short period of time – so how could they possibly know?

In our office, we have the PROOF: a binder filled with testimonial after testimonial from clients who have successfully lost weight at our office*. The method we use gets results*, and we are the ONLY office in the Tampa Florida area using this method.

No other hypnosis office in the Tampa Florida area has as much experience*. Our office does one thing and one thing only: HYPNOSIS!

If you’re serious about losing weight,

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Hypnosis is a safe, natural method to achieve positive life-changing results. It will be difficult to find another hypnosis center with better results for their clients than Downtown Hypnosis.

We have documented proof of the results our clients receive. *There’s no guarantee of specific results and results will vary for each individual client.