Another Obesity Risk:

Faster Mental Decline

Extra Weight Leads to Lower Mental Function.

In case you needed another reason to lose weight now, research indicates another obesity risk: being overweight speeds mental decline and increases your risk of developing dementia later in life.

One study spanning over 10 years showed that people who were overweight tested as cognitively 7 years older than their normal-weight peers. Over the 10 year period in which they were tested, the overweight group’s mental function declined faster than the normal weight group. Even people who were overweight and otherwise healthy showed greater mental decline than the normal weight people.

This means that truly there is no such thing as being both overweight and healthyTaking care of your body also takes care of your mind.

The study didn’t answer why being overweight affected mental functioning, but the answer seems common sense to me. Your mind is part of your body. The overall state of your body affects the state of your mind. When you eat healthy, nutritious food regularly, your body has the building blocks to repair and replace the cells of your body and brain effectively. When you exercise, increased oxygen flows to all parts of your body, including your brain. When your body is in a state of optimum health, your mind reaps the benefits as well.

Stop making excuses. Take action now.

Too many times people procrastinate taking care of their bodies because they’re too busy, have too much work to do, just don’t have the time. You probably have made many of those same excuses yourself. But maybe if you knew that investing a small amount of time each day in yourself would pay dividends in increased energy, increased mental capacity, and increased productivity, it would be worth it to you.

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